Meet Dr. Dragana Strizak, DDS, MS

Meet Dr. Dragana Strizak, DDS, MS in Denver

Dr. Dragana Strizak is a highly accomplished general dentist who has been providing exceptional dental care to the Denver metropolitan area since 2019. With a solid foundation of eight years of practicing dentistry in her private practice and three years as clinical instructor in School of Dental Medicine University of Belgrade in Serbia, Dr. Strizak brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to her profession.

Dr. Strizak is deeply committed to establishing enduring relationships with her patients and delivering comprehensive and honest care as needed. Her unwavering dedication is driven by her vision of providing the highest quality dental services to her patients, ensuring their oral health and well-being.

To further her mission of delivering exceptional patient care, Dr. Strizak founded D-Dental, a dental practice that emphasizes scaled services and maintains a high standard of timely care. Her passion for dentistry was ignited during her studies in Serbia, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the renowned School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2005. Driven by her pursuit of excellence, she pursued a postgraduate studies in Oral Surgery, earning a Master of Science degree in 2008. In 2018, Dr. Strizak achieved her DDS degree from UC School of Dental Medicine in Denver CO. Her outstanding achievements were acknowledged by the school faculty, who awarded her for her exceptional performance in Operative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Practice Management. Her peers recognized her as the most ethical student in her class, and her faculties esteemed her as the most competent.

Dr. Strizak firmly believes that achieving a healthy and empowering smile requires a comprehensive approach. She combines her extensive expertise, which includes a well-rounded assessment, meticulous attention to detail, an eye for proportion, and proficient technical skills, to provide a unique patient experience tailored to individual characteristics and needs. She advocates for patient-centered care and actively collaborates with her patients to choose the most suitable treatment options based on their specific health situations. To stay at the forefront of advancements in dentistry, Dr. Strizak devotes significant time to attending continuing education courses, focusing on best practices, advanced dental techniques, and the medical aspects of treatments.Her patients can trust that they are receiving top-tier dental care from a practitioner who is dedicated to their well-being and overall oral health.

Dr. Dragana Strizak is fluent in English, Serbian, Bosnia and Croatian, and her patients have praised her solid command of the Spanish language.

Outside of her professional endeavors, she values quality time with her family and friends. She finds joy in exploring new destinations and embarking on hiking adventures in the breathtaking Rockies